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Michal Šlesingr

Michal Šlesingr | captain

Former Czech biathlete, a complete medal collection winner from the World Championships, led by gold in the mixed relay at the 2015 World Championships in Kontiolahti, Finland. He competed four times at the Olympic Games. At the 2007 World Championships in Anterselva, Italy, he won a silver medal in the sprint race. He also won one bronze from the individual 20 km race at the same World Championships. He won the mass start in World Cup Oslo, Norway in 2008.

Nadace Leontynka

Nadace Leontinka | charity

One of the stories from our foundation: little Honzík had a very difficult start in his life. An extremely premature birth at the 26th week caused a number of serious health complications, which were compounded by a golden staph infection and Honzík had to be placed on pulmonary ventilation. Because of Covid, his mother could not stay with him and had to visit him in the hospital for 4 long months. There she also got a referral to early care, which she started working with while Honzik was still in the hospital. Since then, an early care counselor has been coming to the family regularly to offer expert advice and all-round support. As it was eventually confirmed, Honzik could not see out of his right eye, so he needs proper care and support for the correct development. But with the help of an early care consultant, the family can be sure that they will overcome all difficulties together.

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