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Team adidas Runners

Why run with adidas Runners?

With our running communities around the world, we organize free runs, special events and we also focus on functional trainings, yoga, workshops, seminars - we simply support the world of sports, entertainment and a great team. Each of us has a different focus, a different level and a different passion. But one ambition unites us - to be better. All thanks to the power of sport, friendship and determination. Anyone can come to us - experienced, advanced and beginner - log in via the ADIDAS RUNNING application and you won´t miss any of the special activities of adidas Runners Prague. We live with the motto IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING, because everything is possible and through running we have the power to change lives and overcome ourselves. And what are our ambitions? Of course we will try to win, but most of all we want to enjoy it.
Enjoy it with us too!

3, 2, 1… will you go with us? In addition to being part of the community, we have a great package ready for you - it will not only be our cool headband, but you will also receive invitations to all trainings, running shoe testing and other special activities. We definitely want to have you in our cheering zone, where we are going to hype it up and support our elite team. And if you're lucky and you're the 50th / 100th / 150th / 200th / 250th member of our team, you'll win the new Solarglide 5 running shoes for your daily runs.

Members of the team have the following benefits

  • cool headband for each runner
  • invitations to all trainings, running shoe testing and other special activities for each runner
  • cheering zone, with support of our elite team
  • Solarglide 5 running shoes for the 50th / 100th / 150th / 200th / 250th member of our team
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Bára Votíková

Barbora Votíková | captain

So this is Bara! Professional football player of Paris Saint-Germain and influencer, whom you most often meet where she feels like a fish in water - on the pitch or YouTube and Instagram! A girl who lives life exactly according to herself, and a little differently. She doesn't take things so seriously and isn't afraid to dream. And that's why she became the captain of the adidas Runners team for this year's BOT! A crew of athlete who will put in their bodies and souls, just like she does! Bara believes that if we dedicate a piece of us to something every day, then we will achieve everything! Run with us!

More about captain: @bara_vot


Jahoda | charity

Non-profit organization with more than twenty years of experience in supporting children and families. Jahoda consists of experts in social services and education. We accompany children, young people and their families from an early age to adulthood. We run low-threshold clubs and a field program for children and youth, kindergartens and nurseries, and community family centers. We organize leisure, educational, cultural and sports activities. For example, the one-day Strawberry Fields leisure festival.

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