The Battle of the Teams Logo
Where can I join the team?
  • The registration request will be sent to your email address, which you provided while registering for the Volkswagen Prague Marathon.
  • You will be asked to register for one of the 6 teams.
  • Team registration is optional and is free.
  • Participation in the team will bring you additional benefits (each team offers different benefits).
How do I decide among the teams?
  • According to a charity project that the team supports.
  • According to the level of Pro Runners.
  • According to the team ambassador.
  • According to the personal benefits offered by the teams titular partner.
  • According to team colour.
When can I draw my personal benefits?
  • It depends on the nature of the benefits; you can draw some before the race.
What is the capacity of each team?
  • The capacity of teams is unlimited.
What does "All Runners" category mean?
  • This category includes all participants in the race, except for pro-Athletes.
How do I find out which team won??
  • On Sunday evening, after the race, there will be an award ceremony.