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Fact sheet

  • Teams consist of 8 members—four women and four men.
  • Two of the runners will run as backups in the event that one of the starting six fails to complete the race.
  • Teams will be made up of runners from Africa, Asia, Europe and elsewhere. One runner on each team will be from the Czech Republic.
  • Runners will be awarded points based on the World Athletics Scoring System.
  • Any runner who runs a personal best in the competition will be awarded 10% bonus points.
  • Runners will be grouped in a way that makes the teams most competitive, based on each runner’s personal best over the previous 48 months.
  • A title partner will support each team. And each team will run under one color scheme.
  • Each runner is awarded points according to the time he or she finishes with. Six runners will have their points added together, and the team with the highest total wins.
  • Prize money for the team event will be divided equally among team members.
  • Individual winners will earn separate cash prizes consistent with marathons in the past.
  • Team captains (non-running team members) will be chosen from among Czech Republic sports figures (tennis, hockey, football) to promote and inspire their teams.
  • “Draft Day” will be broadcast on television in a ceremony similar to UEFA Champions’ League Draft. Team captains will represent their teams.
  • This is not a large-scale, mass-participation event. Only the teams will participate. No other runners apart from approximately eighty of the best Czechs in what is also their National Marathon Championships.
  • For other runners who are craving a marathon, RunCzech is hosting the Volkswagen Prague Virtual Marathon during the period from May 3 to May 31.
  • 10% of every registration fee received for the Volkswagen Prague Virtual Marathon will be donated to one of four charities. One charity per team.
  • Each team will choose the charity that it wishes to support.
  • Name partners for each team have agreed to contribute a matching amount, doubling what is raised from Volkswagen Prague Virtual Marathon registrations.


Race: Battle of the Teams – 2021 Prague Marathon (“Race”)
Affiliation: World Athletics Label Race
Race date: 30 MAY, 2021
Start time: 6.30 a.m. CET
Race organiser: Prague International Marathon, spol. s.r.o. (“PIM”)
Race director: Carlo Capalbo

  • Participants: 32 pre-selected and contracted athletes (“Participants”); up to 10 pre-selected and contracted reserve athletes (“Reserves”).
  • Participation in the Race is subject to Athlete Contract and General terms and conditions, as entered into
    by and between each Participant and PIM.
  • PIM will provide Participants with travel assistance (return economy fare, from Participant’s preferred international airport in the country of residence and Prague); accommodatin and meals at Hilton Prague hotel; physiotherapy and sports massage services; airport transfers.
  • No appearance fees will be paid.
  • Race is envisioned as a championship-style event, with no pacemakers provided, stimulating competition, tactics and complexity of a marathon race.
  • Participants will compete for 1) individual prize money; and 2) team prize money:

    1. Individual prize money

      rank men women
      1st USD 10 000 USD 10 000
      2nd USD 5 000 USD 5 000
      3rd USD 4 000 USD 4 000
      4th USD 3 000 USD 3 000
      5th USD 2 000 USD 2 000
      Total USD 24 000 USD 24 000
    2. Team prize money

      • USD 32 000 goes to the winning team, to be split equally between the 8 members of the team –
        8 x USD 4 000 – regardless of individual performances.
      • USD 12 000 goes to other 3 non-winning teams – 3 x USD 4 000 – split equally between the members
        of the team - 8 x USD 500 – regardless of individual performances.
  • World record bonus of USD 50 000 per gender, to be awarded, subject to a negative anti-doping testing result, regular ratification procedures and all other relevant rules of World Athletics.
  • Place and prize money are determined by official gun times.
  • All Participants are subject to World Athletics and World Athletics rules and regulations, including footwear; and uniform and sponsorship guidelines. All footwear and uniforms will be checked prior to the Race.
  • All Participants will be required to compete wearing short non-branded arm-bands of different colours, representing team affiliation.
  • Participants will be divided in four different teams, each supported by a commercial partner and a charity.
  • Irrespective of the number of athletes from each team, who successfully complete the Race within the
    time-limit of 2 hours 45 minutes, each team's total score (based on World Athletics Scoring System) will be calculated by tallying the performance points from the six scoring athletes, or if less than six finish, then from all those who do so. For this to be possible, at least three from one team’s eight starters, must have failed to finish – most unlikely.
  • First DNF athlete from the team (if any DNF) will be replaced with a same sex Bench runner for a particular team; second eventual DNF athlete for the team will be replaced by a second Bench runner, irrespective
    of sex.
  • Organizers and contracted suppliers will use special recording devices during the event, including cameras, video cameras and drones.
  • Race will be compliant with Czech authorities’, RunCzech’s and Hilton Prague’s Covid-19 public health protocols. Rules, guidelines and further details will be communicated prior to the Race.
  • A complete schedule of events and additional Race information will be provided prior to the Race.
  • Any scoring athlete who records a Personal Best (PB), will earn an additional 10% in bonus points, for their team, from their eventual personal result score. Example, utilizing World Athletics Scoring System:

    athlete gender NAT PB time WA points + 10% for PB BoT points
    Runner 1 male ETH 2:10:04 2:08:14 1229 123 1352
    Runner 2 male KEN 2:07:03 2:16:30 1193 0 1193
    Runner 3 male CZE 2:17:51 2:19:46 1048 105 1153
    Runner 4 female KEN 2:24:17 2:19:46 1236 124 1360
    Runner 5 female JPN 2:24:29 2:26:27 1168 0 1168
    Runner 6 female SVK 2:36:44 2:42:23 1014 0 1014
    Total: 7240